Ronald L. Hall - Painter

Seattle, Washington

Artist Statement:

I use art as a means of conveying my feelings about life. My paintings exemplify the embodiment of personal experiences and the world acknowledged. I grew up in the high crime and drug infested neighborhoods of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I believe that growing up amidst a violent and challenging environment has had  a profound impact on how I choose to express myself as an artist.

I try to demonstrate through my art, my own interpretation of  historical and  or contemporary issues with an emphasis on race and  identity in America. I persist to demonstrate the injurious effects of visual representations and  misrepresentations in society and how it effects people's perception of one another in terms of race, physical appearance or social status. Movies, television, the media, or the internet can also be very influential when I create an image.  

Each painting starts off with an initial idea and then, in most cases, changes as it progresses. For most of the paintings, the computer plays an important role in the development process as far as color and or composition. The images used for the collage comes from various sources such as African American historical books, newspapers, the internet, movie clips or my own drawings. The images are usually scanned and or manipulated using digital art software.

Ronald was one of the artists in the group exhibition Do You Hear Us?

All art is for sale, please contact gallery for pricing.

The War Zone oil on canvas 36 x 48


Irrational Breakdown oil & collage on canvas 30 x 48





















Blind Nation 2010 30 x 40 oil on canvas
















 Cleopatra Jones (Search Me) 30 x 42 oil & collage on paper








































Missing Boy 2007 oil on canvas 42 x 35

















Missing Girl 2007 oil on canvas 42 x 35